At Edgelab, we envision a world where anyone can make intelligible investments. We leverage technology and provide our customers with smart capabilities and unique content that will enable appropriate investments for their clients.

Over the past 8 years we have built strong relationships with global wealth management companies and Tier 1 private banks across Switzerland, APAC and Europe. We are the preferred and standard risk engine of the leading core banking and portfolio management system providers.

As a mid-sized company, we possess the agility to successfully deliver large-scale projects, while remaining closely enough to provide high level of client service. Our approach is guided by our values and desire to be essential to our clients’ and partners’ growth through continuous innovation.


We have a unique DNA that sets us apart

Sharp people

We spend time on subjects that interest us and we are passionate about learning new stuff. When we don’t know the answers, we prefer asking over guessing.

Hard working

We are invested in the success of our company. Despite the challenges we may face, we are determined to find solutions and deliver on our promises.


We are proud to bring new solutions or come up with new ideas to help our customers. We like to question the status quo and accept new challenges.


Whether we are remote, start a day late or get off early, we focus on the job done. Because work is not the place we go, but the meaningful activities we carry on every day.


We have a peaceful environment where people help each other and are not afraid to speak freely, be themselves or share their thoughts. With or without a beer :)


If our DNA matches yours, do not hesitate to join us

Cloud Java Developer

Are you keen to work on microservices with the best technologies? APIs called millions of times every month from all over the world? EdgeLab is passionate about crafting outstanding software and we need a talented software engineer to join our growing team.

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Spontaneous application

We are constantly looking for research scientists in statistical and mathematical fields, quantitative developers, software engineers and system & security engineers.

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