The New Generation of In­vest­ment Intelli­gence.

For investment managers, investment service providers, insurance companies and pension funds.

Investment Intelligence, made digital

We deliver valuation & risk data, risk management apps and an automated investment solution. In line with all regulatory constraints. 

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Computation complexity

Massively-parallel computing, distributed databases, and mathematical research allows to solve the most complex challenges in asset management. 

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Integration made easy

Easy-to-use APIs will make possible the use of EdgeLab data in proprietary or third-party systems. 

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10000Parallel daily computations
Cloud & API
asset coverage
web interfaces

Facts & Figures

Modern technologies and advanced statistical methods allow us to build the next generation of risk management, performance attribution, scenario analysis, portfolio construction and asset selection. EdgeLab breaks down the most complex challenges and provides users with simple answers with a high accuracy.

We help institutions to digitalize a crucial part of their business – Investment – in line with all the regulatory constraints (e.g. MiFID II, Solvency II, Basel III …).

We deliver valuation & risk data, an investment & risk management application and an automated investment solution. Institutions can use our scale and coverage via our intuitive and powerful web interfaces or easy-to-use APIs.


We help institutions to get a clearer picture, a deeper understanding and take wiser action.

Investment & Risk Application

Across any portfolio dimension:

  1. Attribution of Risk & Performances
  2. Aggregation of Risk 
  3. Scenario Analysis 
  4. Stress Tests
Investment & Risk Application

Automated Investment Service

  1. Any investment
  2. Optimal portfolios
  3. Suitability and compliance
  4. Integration with other systems
Automated Investment Service

Valuation & Risk Data

  1. Pricing & Evaluations Risk
  2. Metrics Products classifications
  3. Scenarios evaluation
  4. Optimal portfolio allocation
  5. Index calculation
Valuation & Risk Data

Tailor made solution

Leverage our investment intelligence platform to solve your most complex problem. 

Tailor made solution

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