Enabling intelligible investments

with essential risk content and capabilities


Grow your investment business with Risk-as-a-Service


Delight clients

Provide solutions that truly reflect clients’ preferences and ensure their funds are invested appropriately and risk doesn’t exceed what is suitable for them.

Empower your team

Unlock wealth managers’ full potential with automated investment recommendations, enhanced risk analytics and decision support simulations.

Drive growth

Streamline investment proposal generation and automate regulatory controls and reports to increase efficiencies and expand offerings to new client segments.


Get answers to the critical questions your clients have

What changes in my portfolio could I do to improve its quality?
What would be the impact on the risk if we perform these trades?
How much can I lose under some specific market conditions?
How does my portfolio risk compare to my risk appetite?
What are the major contributors to my portfolio risk?
How much money can I expect to lose on the worst days?

Drive every aspect of your wealth management forward


Portfolio construction

Get instrument-level portfolio proposals consistent with the bank views, client's preferences and asset universe.

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Suitability checks

Perform pre- and post-trade compliance checks to ensure investment suitability for MiFID II, FIDLEG and HKMA.


Portfolio simulation

Perform stress tests or simulate the impact of switch on client portfolio to discover the construction with optimal risk/return ratio.



Identify all portfolios with breaches on the investment suitability and asset class strategic allocation.



Enhance reporting with aggregated and drill-down views on risk, including sensitivities of moves on market variables.


Portfolio optimisation

Get recommendations for best trades to move the existing client portfolio closer to the target allocation.


Benefit from a solution accelerating the return of investment


Easy to build, even easier to extend

Cloud-based solution that works wherever you want to

Smooth API integration, a fraction of usual duration

A foundation built to scale infinitely

Unmatched scope and performance

Multi-asset class, including OTC and structured products

Market, credit and liquidity risk of every instrument

Risk metrics computed & delivered in less than a second

Reducing total cost of ownership

Subscription fee based on # of instruments and portfolios

No market data, no infrastructure required

Enabling easy product operation workflows

Access our solution through the tools you already use


Direct access

Get it fully integrated with your existing core banking or PMS.

Excel Add-in

Obtain the risk analytics directly in your spreadsheet by installing our Add-in.

Through partners

Access it through partners which have embedded it in their PMS.